Abortion services in Mexico City for USA residents at an affordable cost

Legal abortion services in Mexico City for USA residents at an affordable cost

This is an ideal option for women who are facing either an unwanted or an unplanned pregnancy and have made a decision to voluntarily have an abortion with a safe, legal and affordable treatment. A weekend in Mexico City is all that is required at FUNDACION NAISET.

Fundacion Naiset is a professional gynecological clinic that has acquired all the necessary health permits and has been practicing abortion for the past 13 years in Mexico City,it  specializing in ILE (Legal Interruption of Pregnancy).

We can make this process easier and more comfortable for you. The cost for treatment and accomodation just  for $600 USD.

This package was created thinking about the needs of women who live in the U.S. Unlike states like Texas, Louisiana and Missouri where abortion laws are restrictive and require heavy paperwork, in Mexico City, these procedures were legalized in 2007. Since then any woman has the right to legally terminate her pregnancy before the 12th week. Hassle-free.

The package “ILE USA Residents” includes:

  • Medical consultation and assessment:
  • Ultrasound
  • Urine Test
  • Hemoglobin test
  • Psychotherapy (if you so decide)
  • Use of operating room
  • Anesthesiologist and assistant fees.
  • Health insurance for the use of additional drugs
  • Free planning method: Copper-T IUD
  • Private recovery room which can be used with a companion. Here you’ll have a place to rest, wardrobe, tea or hot beverages and full meals for you and your companion.
  • Concierge
  • Reimbursement of accommodations.
  • Taxi service within the metropolitan area.


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    We offer the following services at Clinic Fundacion Naiset:

    • Roof Garden
      You can relax in one of our long chairs, I assure you that you’ll forget you’re in the City and our concierges will give you the best service.

    • Free psychological care
      Our main goal is comprehensive care. You have access to this service only if you wish, at Fundación Naiset you won’t do anything you don’t want to do.

    • Children’s area
      Remember that you can come with whoever you want, if you are unsure of bringing children with you they’re always welcome here. We have outdoor areas where they can play so you can relax.

    • Unlimited companions
      At Fundacion Naiset there is no limit to the number or companions you can have with you. We know how important it is to feel supported, you can come with whoever you want and how many people you want to have with you.

    • Menstrual pads for cramps
      We know that feeling of discomfort, which is why we also give you a hot cup of tea to relax and relieve pain, and we are prepared with pads for menstrual cramps.

    • Transportation
      Free transport you from the airport to the clinic. Ask about special packages that make your experience easier and more comfortable; don’t worry, we will plan your trip.



    You will enjoy our lodging service. We take care of organizing your trip and lodging in the best place that suits your budget. When you schedule an appointment ask for our packages.

    • Snacks
      Because we know that fasting is not easy, we offer a variety of snacks to make your visit a pleasant experience.

    • Bicycle parking
      We are in the heart of the Rome neighborhood and currently the use of cars has faded into the background. We are prepared to park your bike outside Fundación Naiset.

    • Valet Parking
      We will arrange to have your car safe and that you arrive on time to your appointment, we know how difficult it is to find parking.

    • Pet Friendly
      We’re Pet Friendly! Your best friend can also come with you and wait in the green areas.



    Paquete ILE con Medicamentos a domicilio y seguimiento

    Paquete ILE a Domicilio

    Este nuevo servicio de interrupción del embarazo con medicamentos hasta la semana 10 ya se encuentra beneficiando a muchas mujeres de toda la República. 

    Procedimiento ILE con Medicamentos por paquetería: Incluye paquete de medicamento y seguimiento.

    *Desde $1,000 MXN

    *Aplica restricciones. Consultar al solicitar servicio.
    ** No incluye costes de envió.

    Te acompañamos en la distancia.

    ¡Solicita el servicio!